Wi-Fi at Airports

It might seem a way off still, but now we have had Shrove Tuesday it won’t be that long before Easter is here.  In fact, you’ve probably noticed the supermarkets already showcasing their range of chocolate eggs and matching novelty egg cups to mark the occasion.

While the youngsters may be excited by the impending visit from the Easter Bunny, adults are no doubt more likely to be counting down the days until the associated holidays and a chance to grab some much needed sun (and sangria).

With that in mind, it’s perhaps timely to look at a recent report by Thinkbroadband who discovered that Wi-Fi at airports is worse than it’s been in the past.  Uploading those last minute photos of your pre-flight bagel or selfie #ExcitedFace is becoming increasingly difficult.

For example, in 2015 Luton airport boasted a lacklustre speed of 4.5Mb, while in 2016 it had dropped to a piddly 0.9Mb.  In fairness, it appears that at the time of the first test they had set a strict one hour limit on the free access, and by the time it was retested 12 months later they had moved to unlimited instead.  More people accessing the connection for longer periods of time was ultimately going to have a negative impact on the speeds available.

Other airports also offer slow speeds, with Heathrow maintaining an average 1.0Mb over time whilst offering unlimited access, and Gatwick dropping from 0.5Mb to 0.4Mb with a 90 minute limit.

Of course, you can reach higher speeds if you are prepared to pay, and internal shops may have a different Wi-Fi availability than within the main airport building.

In a world where we are so used to having constant connectivity in the palm of our hands, it can be a little frustrating to realise we are at the mercy of others and potentially facing large bills when data roaming charges kick in. One way to get around this is to obtain a Wi-Fi hotspot which will allow you to set up your own secure Wi-Fi network wherever you are.

There are actually two parts that come with the device – the device itself which allows you to connect, and the data SIM card that goes inside.  They can be used with mobiles, tablets, computer consoles, camera, laptops etc and are very easy to set up.

If you would like advice on any aspect of telecommunications, remember Diamond Solutions are on hand to ensure you get the right solution to any problem you may have.


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