What could the wrong area code be costing your business?

Last week we wrote about what ghost numbers were, and how they could potentially help your business advertise in areas that you’re not based.  While we used the example of Manchester and Liverpool, ghost numbers can be used in far more subtle ways.

Imagine the case of a plumber who is based in Summerseat near Bury.  Their area code would naturally be 01204, and he would be regarded as being local to everyone with an 01204 number.  However, he was based just a few miles further down the road, in Brandelsholme for example, the area code would be 0161.

This 0161 number covers a wide area as it actually relates to Manchester.  Therefore, it is logical to assume that a great number of people would regard this particular plumber as being local to them than with an 01204 number alone.

With ghost numbers it would be possible for the business to have their naturally occurring 01204 number, useful for their immediate location, but they could also purchase an 0161 number.  This therefore would increase the potential audience base for their clients, and in turn, increase revenue.

Virtual or ghost numbers can be set up very easily and quickly – all you have to do is get in touch with us at Diamond Solutions to find out more.  We would be happy to talk you through the process and handle everything on your behalf.


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